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What is the percussion instrument that has metal band stretched across the underside?
a) Tom Tom
b) Snare Drum
c) Bass Drum
d) Timpani

Which instrument Family does the clarinet belong to?
a) Woodwind
b) Brasswind
c) Strings
d) Percussion

How do I make a sound on a brass instrument?
a) Blow into you make a sound.
b) Use the reed.
c) Strike the slide against something!
d) Buzz your lips and blow into the cupped mouthpiece.

Why is the flute a woodwind if it is not made of wood?
a) It was once made of wood.
b) Someone just decided to place it in that family.
c) It should be in the brass family instead.
d) The flute has keys like the clarinet.

What family does the alto saxophone belong to?
a) The brasswinds.
b) The strings.
c) The woodwinds.
d) Percussion

Is a piano a percussion family instrument?
a) Yes! It has a hammer that strikes the strings!
b) No!
c) It's a string instrument!
d) No, it's a wood instrument, so woodwind.

What is the name of a round-faced string instrument with no hole in the middle?
a) Harmonica
b) guitar
c) banjo
d) mandolin

The French Horn (Horn) has one of the largest ranges of notes of brass instruments.
a) True
b) False

Which family does the harp belong?
a) Woodwinds
b) Strings
c) Brass
d) Percussion

Name this woodwind instrument that looks like a clarinet but has a "double" reed instead of a mouthpiece.
a) marimba
b) tenor saxophone
c) flute
d) oboe

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