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Who is King Arthurs mother and father?
a) King Uther and Queen Igraine
b) King Bagdemagus and Queen Eline
c) King Baudwin and Queen Agravaine
d) King Arthurs parents are unknown

Name a quest that was in the book nut not in the movie.
a) Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
b) Sir Tristam and the White Kinght
c) Quest of Excalibur
d) Sir Launcelot and the Yellow Knight

In the book, who is Galahads mother?
a) Elaine
b) Morgan Le Fay
c) Guinevere
d) Vivian

Name the knights of the round table that were in the movie.
a) Gawain, Bors, Launcelot, Dagonet, Galahad, Tristan, Arthur
b) Gawain, Launcelot, Gareth, Mordred, Arthur, Agravaine, Bors
c) Mordred, Agravaine, Lionell, Dagonet, Arthur, Kay Tristan
d) None of these

What is the name of the bishop in the movie that controls the Sarmatan Knights?
a) Bishop Germanius
b) Bishop Agravaine
c) Bishop Bagdemagus
d) Bishop Baudwin

What knight was mentioned in the book that was not in the movie?
a) Sir Mordred
b) Sir Dagonet
c) Sir Gawain
d) Sir Tristram

What were the name of the twins that were in the book but not in the movie?
a) Balan and Baylan
b) Bohrs and Bors
c) Galahad and Gawain
d) Pelleas and Percivale

What were the names of the blue people in the movie that were bot mentioned in the book?
a) Wodes
b) Sarmatin Knights
c) Smurfs
d) Romans

Is it true or false that in both the movie and the book, Arthur pulls the sword from the rock at a young age?
a) true
b) False

Who was Sir Launcelots son in the book but a fellow knightsman in the movie?
a) Sir. Gallahad
b) Sir. Bors
c) Sir.Tristan
d) Sir. Percivale

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