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Which Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of press?
a) Amendment #9
b) Amendment #1
c) Amendment #5
d) Amendment #2

Due process of law in the 5th Amendment means...
a) permits government to take personal property through eminent domain.
b) guarantees individuals can be tried twice for the same crime.
c) places limitations on laws to guarantee fairness.
d) citizens right to a grand jury.

Voting, paying taxes, serving on a jury, and obeying the law all describes...
a) duties of legislative branch
b) duties of interest groups
c) duties of citizenship
d) duties of executive branch

Which Amendment has the right to a public trial, right to an attorney, trial by jury, and the right to a speedy trial.
a) Amendment #1
b) Amendment #3
c) Amendment #9
d) Amendment #6

The purpose of the checks and balances is
a) to strengthen the power of each branch
b) to prevent one branch from becoming to powerful
c) to decrease the power of the executive branch
d) to strength the legislative branch

The document that has the weakness such as no checks and balances, no executive branch, no judicial branch, and most power was held by the states.
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The Bill of Rights
c) The Constitution
d) The Declaration of Independence

What is the significance of the Articles of Confederation?
a) creation of the first national court system.
b) creation of a system of government with a single leader called a president.
c) creation of the first national government.
d) creation of government modeled after Great Britain

Thomas Jefferson felt the colonists had the right to break away from Great Britain because
a) Great Britain didn't believe in any form of government.
b) Great Britain didn't protect the rights of the colonists.
c) Jefferson believed they needed a king.
d) Great Britain didn't want to control the colonies anymore.

The importance of the English Bill of Rights was
a) It persuaded people to maintain slavery.
b) It persuaded colonists to follow the King of England.
c) It persuaded the Britain to give the colonists freedom.
d) It persuaded the colonists to ask for political freedom.

The importance of the Declaration of Independence was to
a) explain why the colonist felt the need to be freed from British rule.
b) outline an economic system for the new independent states
c) prevent war with Britain
d) establish a new king for the independent states.

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