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Which of the following creature would not be an autotroph?
a) cyanobacterium
b) palm tree
c) cactus
d) bee

Photosynthesis occurs mainly in which of the following?
a) epidermal cells
b) vascular bundle cells
c) mesophyll cells
d) the cuticle

Which of the following are raw materials for photosynthesis?
a) oxygen & water
b) glucose & CO2
c) glucose & oxygen
d) CO2 & water

Which word equation summarizes photosynthesis?
a) water + starch --> glucose + glucose
b) glucose + oxygen --> sucrose + water
c) carbon dioxide + glucose --> water + oxygen
d) water + carbon dioxide --> oxygen + glucose + water

When does the process of splitting water to release hydrogen ions, electrons, and oxygen occur?
a) during the light reations
b) during carbon fixation
c) during photorespiration
d) during the Calvin cycle

When does the process of incorporation the carbon of carbon dioxide into carbohydrates occur?
a) during the light reactions
b) during carbon fixation
c) during photorespiration
d) during the respiration

What is the term for an individual flattened membrane-bound sac in the chloroplast?
a) granum
b) crista
c) thylakoid
d) stroma

Which of the following best describes what occurs at light levels below the light-compensation point?
a) photorespiration
b) respiration
c) the light reactions are operating in complete darkness
d) Calvin cycle is not operating

Which molecules are use in both cellular respiration and photosynthesis?
b) P680
c) ATP

Which part of the chloroplast absorbs photons?
a) ATP synthase
b) thylakoid
c) stroma
d) ferredoxin

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