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Which of the following scientists first used the word cell to describe the cork he was observing?
a) Hooke
b) Virchow
c) Schwann
d) Schleiden

Which of the following scientists first identified the nucleus?
a) Brown
b) Hooke
c) Schleiden
d) Virchow

Which of the following is NOT a founder of the cell theory?
a) Brown
b) Schwann
c) Schleiden
d) Virchow

Which type of microscope allows you to view living things?
a) compound light microscope
b) scanning electron microscope
c) transmission microscope
d) transfer electron microscope

Which of the following is NOT part of the cell theory?
a) All cells have a nucleus
b) All living things are made of cells
c) Cells come from other living cells
d) Cells are the basic units of structure and function

Which of the following scientist was probably the first to view bacteria?
a) Leewenhoek
b) Brown
c) Virchow
d) Schwann

The prefix eu- in the term eukaryote means ?
a) true
b) animal
c) complex
d) nucleus

All of the following are examples of eukaryotic cells EXCEPT:
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) plant cells
d) animal cells

Which of the following is NOT an organelle of prokaryotic cells?
a) nucleus
b) ribosomes
c) cell wall
d) plasma membrane

Some eukaryotic cells have ?
a) flagella
b) chloroplasts
c) plasma membrane
d) chromatin

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