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wreckage, ruins
a) debris
b) deploy
c) matron
d) genre

a woman in charge
a) genre
b) matron
c) acute
d) accost

small amount
a) meager
b) acute
c) puny
d) debris

a period of ten years
a) millenium
b) decade
c) decadent
d) tenths

kind; sort; style; class
a) genre
b) fiction
c) tiers
d) deploy

the storm ruined all but a __________ amount of food.
a) debris
b) acute
c) meager
d) puny

on halloween, many youngsters go out in the _________ of witches.
a) guise
b) accost
c) abortive
d) genre

the mugger _________ his victims only at night.
a) accosted
b) deployed
c) aborted
d) abandoned

Ponce de Leon's ________ was the fictitious "Fountain of Youth".
a) quarry
b) spate
c) mystery
d) idea

Sheila tried to keep the ________ details of her arrest quiet.
a) acute
b) meager
c) puny
d) sordid

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