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What does the word determine mean?
a) to decide by drawing a conclusion
b) to measure the value of
c) to give direction of
d) to fix the position of

What does the suffix -ic mean?
a) pertaining to
b) opposite of
c) at the end
d) before

What does the prefix dis- mean?
a) opposite of
b) before
c) pertaining to
d) does not have

When an author uses an object or image to stand for a bigger idea
a) symbolism
b) flashback
c) foreshadowing
d) topic

When an author jumps back to a scene or event that happened in the past.
a) flashback
b) foreshadowing
c) symbolism
d) theme

When an author gives hints or clues that suggest what will happen later in a story.
a) foreshadowing
b) flashback
c) theme
d) symbolism

The big life lesson of a story.
a) theme
b) topic
c) flashback
d) foreshadow

To use clues in the text to guess its meaning.
a) infer
b) theme
c) topic
d) flashback

What does the word analyze mean?
a) to examine carefully and in detail
b) to separate into smaller elements
c) to test mathematically
d) to prove wrong

The subject that a book or story is about.
a) topic
b) theme
c) infer
d) flashback

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