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13 Colonies For 8th Grade.[print questions]

What was the first successful and permanent English colony?
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke
c) Maryland
d) Carolina

The end of Spanish control of the seas was a result of
a) King Philip II’s powerful rule of Spain.
b) the discovery of gold in Central America.
c) the defeat of the Spanish Armada by England.
d) the establishment of the Jamestown colony in Virginia.

Rhode Island minister Roger Williams clashed with Puritan leaders in Massachusetts because:
a) he converted to Roman Catholicism
b) he believed people should not be persecuted for their religious practices.
c) he argued that settlers should take as much land as possible from the Native Americans.
d) his views were considered too harsh and intolerant.

What colony became a safe place for Catholics initially?
a) Massachusetts
b) Rhode Island
c) Maryland
d) Ohio

What colony did Roger Williams found?
a) Virginia
b) New Jersey
c) Pennsylvania
d) Rhode Island

What colony became a place for Quakers?
a) Pennsylvania
b) New York
c) Connecticut
d) North Carolina

What colony became a place where debtors and poor people could start a new life?
a) Oregon
b) Georgia
c) New Hampshire
d) Massachusetts

Dissent is an antonym for:
a) dance
b) disagree
c) agree
d) fight

Missions were established along the Pacific coast of North America by the
a) English
b) French
c) Spanish
d) Dutch

Nathaniel Bacon led attacks on
a) enslaved Africans
b) the King of England
c) Catholics
d) Native Americans

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