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Which are one- celled organisms?
a) Endospore
b) Plants
c) Bacteria
d) Protein

An example of a helpful bacteria is _________________.
a) Cells
b) Cytoplasm
c) Pathogens
d) Nitrogen Fixing

An example of a harmful bacteria are _________________.
a) Cheese
b) Pathogens
c) Antibotics
d) Immunizations

The difference between Archaebacteria and Eubacteria is ____________________.
a) Eubacteria is full of disease
b) Archaebacteria is microscopic
c) Archaebacteria has a cell wall
d) Eubacteria must attach to a host

The Lytic Cycle is the process of _____________________.
a) Bacterial Reproduction
b) Vaccination
c) Transportation
d) Viral Reproduction

______________ attach themselves to the host cell in order to reproduce.
a) Viruses
b) Nitrogen
c) Infections
d) Membranes

It is important to get vaccinated every year because _____________ can change from year to year.
a) doctor
b) amount of vaccination
c) the virus strand
d) disease

An endospore is a protective membrane which allows a cell to remain _____________________.
a) active until they die
b) inactive until they reproduce
c) active until the infection goes away
d) inactive until the conditions are favorable

An ____________________ cures a bacteria infection, they do not heal them
a) antibiotic
b) endospore
c) virus
d) living organism

An ________________is when an outbreak caused by a bacteria or virus and thousands of people die.
a) plague
b) flu
c) pathogen
d) epidemic

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