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What are the smallest and simplest organisms?
a) Bacteria
b) Viruses
c) Immunizations
d) Antibiotics

What is a bacteria that causes disease?
a) Pathogens
b) Eubacteria
c) Archaebacteria
d) Immunization

_________________ prevents a viral disease.
a) Nucleic Acid
b) An Epidemic
c) Antibotics
d) Immunization

An ______________ is when an outbreak caused by a bacteria or virus and thousands of people die.
a) natural disaster
b) epidemic
c) infection
d) vaccination

Nutrient Agar is _______________________.
a) the food needed for the growth of the bacteria.
b) the immunization used to prevent viral disease
c) an inactive membrane.
d) the nutrients in your body to keep out bacteria.

Bacteria reproduce by ___________________.
a) spirilla
b) binary fission
c) Lytic Cycle
d) people

What kind of archaebacteria is found in hot springs?
a) Salt lover
b) Cocci
c) Heat lover
d) Methane maker

What kind of archaebacteria is found where there is high salt concentration?
a) Methane maker
b) Salt lover
c) Heat lover
d) eubacteria

What kind of archaebacteria is found in swamps?
a) Heat lover
b) Salt lover
c) Cheese
d) Methane maker

What is a microscopic particle that invades and destroys a cell?
a) A virus
b) A host
c) A pathogen
d) Bacteria

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