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Another name for traders.
a) imports
b) exports
c) explorers
d) merchants

A ruler that worked to increase Egpytian trade.
a) Queen Hatshepsut
b) Queen Latifa
c) Queen Shanakhadheto
d) Queen Elizabeth

A long lasting, paper-like material made from reeds.
a) leaves
b) parchment
c) recycled
d) papyrus

Items sent out to other regions.
a) imports
b) exports
c) Trade paths
d) Trade roads

Pharaoh who fought the Hittites for many years.
a) Ramses the Great
b) King Tut
c) King Ezana
d) King George

A system of people in different lands who trade goods.
a) trade path
b) trade route
c) trade network
d) trade roads

Period of order and stability that lasted until about 1750 BC.
a) Old Kingdom
b) New Kingdom
c) Middle Kingdom
d) Later Kingdom

He built a kingdom that extended north from Napata to the Nile Delta.
a) Piankhi
b) King Tut
c) King Ezana
d) Ramses the Great

Egypts first pharaoh.
a) Khufu
b) Menes
c) King Tut
d) King Ezana

Pharaoh best known for monuments built to him.
a) Khufu
b) Menes
c) King Tut
d) King Ezana

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