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This helped historians understand hieroglyphics.
a) Temple of Karnak
b) papyrus
c) Rosetta Stone
d) cuneiform

A tall, four-sided pillar that is pointed on top.
a) obelisk
b) sphinx
c) Rosetta Stone
d) hieroglyphics

This tomb taught us a lot about Egyptian burial practices and beliefs.
a) Almose of Thebes
b) Ramses the Great
c) Queen Hatshepsut
d) King Tutankhamen

These were paths followed by traders.
a) Trade routes
b) Trade networks
c) Trade paths
d) Trade roads

These are goods brought in from other regions.
a) exports
b) imports
c) trade ports
d) merchants

This was the first woman to rule Kush.
a) Queen Hatshepsut
b) Queen Latifa
c) Queen Shanakhdakheto
d) Queen Elizabeth

Egypt reached the height of its power and glory during this time.
a) Old Kingdom
b) New Kingdom
c) Middle Kingdom
d) Later Kingdom

Imaginary creature with the body of a lion and the head of another animal.
a) obelisk
b) unicorn
c) sphinx
d) mountain lion

Egypts system of writing.
a) cuneiform
b) hieroglyphics
c) arabic
d) Egyptology

Aksumite leader that invaded Kush
a) King Ezana
b) Piankhi
c) King Tut
d) Queen Shanakhdakheto

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