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In Latin, the word "flagellum" means...
a) Propeller
b) Corkscrew
c) Hair
d) Whip

Many animals get the nitrogen they need by...
a) Breathing
b) Drinking water
c) Eating plants
d) Absorbing it through their skin

Cheese, Sauerkraut and sourdough bread can be made by using...
a) Bacteria
b) Viruses
c) Endospores
d) Flagellum

The common cold is caused by...
a) Pathogenic bacteria
b) Escherichia coli
c) A virus
d) Lactic-acid bacteria

Which of the following statements BEST describes viruses?
a) Viruses have cytoplasm
b) Viruses are cells
c) Viruses have organelles
d) Viruses cannot live on their own

A virus reproduces through...
a) Asexual reproduction
b) The lytic cycle
c) Binary fission
d) Sexual reproduction

Bacteria that consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use are called:
a) Lactic-acid bacteria
b) Ammonia-fixing bacteria
c) Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
d) Sulfurous bacteria

Most bacteria reproduce by:
a) The lytic cylce
b) Flagellum
c) Endospores
d) Binary fission

A virus needs a _______ to survive.
a) Host
b) Endospore
c) Crystal
d) Spore

Without ________, life on Earth could not exist.
a) Pathogenic
b) Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
c) Viruses
d) Escherichia Coli

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