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According to Uses and Gratification, all below are assumptions of the theory, BUT _______.
a) Media use is goal oriented.
b) Audience is passive.
c) Media competes with others sources for need satisfaction.
d) Linking need gratification and a source for medium is up to audience member.

Jodi LOVES to garden. She watches the “Better Home and Garden” network. She engages in which audience activity according to Uses and Gratification?
a) Utility
b) Intentionality
c) Selectivity
d) Imperviousness to influence

Kerry looks left and sees a television, she plugs in her headphones, and she thinks to her self, that media exists EVERYWHERE. Which Spiral of Silence characteristic is being used?
a) Ubiquity
b) Consonance
c) Unification
d) Cumulativeness

Kardashian divorce, the Bieber pregers scare, and what ever is going to come after are example of _________, according to Agenda Setting Theory.
a) Index of curiosity
b) Framing
c) Agape love
d) Public agenda

Within Social Cognative Theory, I learned the appropriate things to do on a date through _________.
a) Identification
b) Being told how
c) Being taught directly
d) Imitation

Within Social Cognative Theory, when I watch images of drunk drives being arrested, according to which effect, I am more likely to avoid driving drunk.
a) Disinhibitory effect
b) Positive effect
c) Negative effect
d) Inhibitory effect

Within diffusion, ____________ talk is the communicative dissemination of a new idea, practice, or product to people in a collectivity.
a) Awereness
b) Practice
c) Advocacy
d) Opinion

Within Diffusion, ________ talk is the disclosing of one's beliefs and attitudes toward a new idea, product, or practice to other people in an interpersonal communciative network.
a) Awereness
b) Practice
c) Advocacy
d) Opinion

Stage of Diffucion when an indivdiual engages in activites that lead to a choice to adopt or reject the innovation.
a) knowledge
b) persuasion
c) decision
d) implementation

Within Spiral of Silence Theory, the attitudes and behaviors expressed in public to avoid isolation.
a) Public opinion
b) public
c) opinion

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