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Which would be the easiest to start moving?
a) a cart loaded with potatoes.
b) an empty cart.
c) a cart loaded with many sacks of potatoes.
d) a cart with one potatoe

Aluminum made into thin sheets is an example of
a) ductility
b) reactivity
c) state of matter
d) malleability

Ice cube made of solid water is an example of
a) ductility
b) reactivity
c) state of matter
d) malleability

Flavored drink mix dissolving in water is and example of
a) density
b) solubility
c) odor
d) flammability

Wood burning in a fireplace is an example of
a) odor
b) flammability
c) density
d) solubility

What makes chemical properties so hard to observe?
a) They cause changes of state.
b) You can't see them until they produce new materials.
c) Wearing protective glasses is required.
d) They happen too quickly.

The amount of matter in an object is its
a) volume
b) length
c) meniscus
d) mass

What is the density of water?
a) 1.25 g/mL
b) 4.00 g/mL
c) 1.00 g/mL
d) 1.10 g/mL

How de oes a physical change differ from a chemical change?
a) New properties of the matter are observed.
b) New materials are produced.
c) The change always involves heat or light.
d) The composition of the matter is unchanged.

Rust forming on metals is an example of
a) malleability
b) state of matter
c) reactivity
d) ductility

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