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A ___ shows how energy is passed from one living thing to another
a) food chain
b) ecosystem
c) community
d) consumer

All food chains begin with energy from the ____.
a) sun
b) decomposers
c) plants
d) animals

____ do not need to eat other living things because they can make their own food.
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Herbivores
d) Decomposers

This type of organism must get its energy from plants and other animals.
a) consumer
b) scavenger
c) population
d) plant

Which of the following creatures is a herbivore?
a) white tailed deer
b) turkey vulture
c) purple coneflower
d) coyote

Moles feast on the cicadas, worms and grubs that live underground, so moles are ___.
a) carnivores
b) herbivores
c) omnivores
d) scavengers

When plants and animals die, these creatures help turn their bodies into tiny pieces that add nutrients to the soil.
a) decomposers
b) scavengers
c) herbivores
d) omnivores

A round winged katydid is eating prairie grass, until suddenly a thirteen-lined ground squirrel catches and eats it. Which organism is the predator?
a) the thirteen-lined ground squirrel
b) the katydid
c) the prairie grass
d) all of them

A black rat snake sneaks up on a young turkey as it feasts on cicada nymphs. Which of these creatures is NOT the prey?
a) the black rat snake
b) the young turkey
c) the cicada nymphs
d) they are all prey

These animals keep the ecosystem clean by feeding on dead and decaying organisms.
a) scavengers
b) decomposers
c) consumers
d) producers

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