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Which property of matter is a measure of the gravitational force?
a) weight
b) density
c) mass
d) volume

How does a physical change differ from a chemical change?
a) The composition is unchanged in a physical change
b) New volumes are created in a physical change.
c) New materials are produced in a physical change.
d) The change is reversible in a physical change.

In a graduated cylinder containing several liquid layers, the least dense liquid is found
a) floating at the top
b) in the middle layer
c) in the lightest colored layer
d) settled on the bottom

Melting crayons
a) physical change
b) physical property
c) chemical change
d) chemical property

Which of the follow units would be best for describing the volume of mercury (liquid) used in an experiment
a) liters or milliliters
b) newtons
c) meters or centimeters
d) grams or kilograms

What chemical property is responsible for iron rusting?
a) reactivity with oxygen
b) conductivity
c) nonflammability
d) flammability

The motion of a 150g ball is more difficult to change than the motion of a 50 g ball because the 150g ball has
a) less weight than the 50g ball has.
b) greater density than the 50g ball has
c) more mass than the 50g ball has.
d) larger volume than the 50g ball has

Which physical property of matter describes the relationship between mass and volume?
a) density
b) ductility
c) reactivity
d) weight

Souring milk is and example of a
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemical change

Malleability is an example of a
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemical change

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