ELA 7 2008 P2 Question Preview (ID: 7573)

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This passage is told fromt he point of view of
a) Cid
b) Smokey
c) Queenie
d) Nathaniel

At the beginning of the passage, why is Nathaniel irritated with Cid
a) She refuses to take the reins from him
b) He realizes that she is a stronger rider than him
c) She pesters him to let her ride Smokey
d) He thinks he should ride Smokey before she does

Overall, Nathaniel's behavior is best described as
a) friendly
b) selfish
c) responsible
d) uninterested

Which statement is most likely true of the characters in this passage
a) Nathaniel is older than Queenie and Cid
b) Nathaniel likes to tease Queenie and Cid
c) Cid and Queenie have fallen off Smokey before
d) Cid and Queenie have always wanted to own Smokey

The author helps the reader understand Smokey's nature mostly through the use of
a) Cid's behavior toward Smokey
b) Nathaniel's descriptions of Smokey
c) Nathaniel and Cid's dialogue about Smokey
d) Nathaniel and Queenie's dialogue about Smokey

What does the underlined word buckle mean
a) become fastened
b) surrender to authority
c) prepare with vigor
d) bend under pressure

What is a mirage
a) something unreal
b) something real
c) something ugly
d) something boring

What is the horse's name
a) Nathaniel
b) Cid
c) Smokey
d) Queenie

Why do you think Smokey acts up when Cid tries to ride him
a) He is mean
b) He is loving
c) He is an old horse
d) He is only a young pony

Who rides Smokey after Cid
a) Nathaniel
b) Queenie
c) SMokey
d) Cid

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