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What does the first paragraph tell the reader about Millicent
a) She is spontaneous and flexible
b) She has high expectations about herself
c) She avoids thinking too much about the future
d) She worries about her abilities to meet her goals

What does the undelined word cemented mean
a) stays very close
b) has a hard attitude
c) moves very slowly
d) has a solid character

Maddie becomes upset with some students because they
a) are staring at Millicent
b) do not know who Millicent is
c) are making comments about Millicent
d) do not help Millicent open her locker

Which pair of words best descirbies Millicent's grandmother
a) energetic and protective
b) patient and thoughtful
c) gentle and compassionate
d) hardworking and ambitious

Millicent places a great importance on her
a) age and experience
b) fame and reputation
c) height and athletic ability
d) education and achievements

Who is the author of the passage
a) Miss B
b) Milllicent Min
c) Maddie Min
d) Lisa Yee

How old was Millicent when she started JFK
a) ten
b) nine
c) fourteen
d) seven

Who picked up a photo of Millicent at her locker
a) Associated Press
b) her friend
c) Maddie
d) Lisa Yee

What does vilified mean
a) make fun of
b) talk to
c) spoken badly of
d) spoken nicely of

What was one of the offending remarks made about Millicent
a) nice
b) brainiac
c) silly
d) smart

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