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What is an independent variable?
a) The cause
b) The effect
c) The output
d) The thing that stays the same

What is a dependent variable?
a) The cause
b) The effect
c) The input
d) What changes

What is an experimental constant?
a) something in the experiment that changes
b) the group in the experiment you use for comparison
c) something in the experiment that stays the same
d) something in the experiment that depends on the IV

Which of the following is an example of an observation?
a) Dinosaurs must've been really aggressive because they had big teeth
b) My senior year is going to be really great because I have a lot more freedom than I have know
c) Ms. Cook has twelve toes
d) Biology must be really hard because the book is very thick

Which of the following is an example of an inference?
a) Alligators live in swampy environments
b) Giraffes are 15 feet tall
c) Cardinals are abundant in Virginia
d) My teacher must hate kids because some students fail her class.

What is a control group?
a) The thing the scientist changes on purpose
b) The things that stay the same in an experiment
c) A group used for comparison
d) The group in which the independent variable is changed

What does the word "optimum" mean?
a) the happiest
b) the best
c) the worst
d) the saddest

Which of the following is the first step of the scientific method?
a) Perform a controlled experiment
b) Draw conclusion
c) Make a hypothesis
d) State a problem

Which of the following is the most valid source of scientific information?
a) a science journal
b) a tabloid magazine
c) a biology textbook
d) a daily newspaper

Which of the following adjectives CANNOT be used to describe the scientific process?
a) observable
b) based on experimentation
c) based on belief
d) testable

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