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My friend begins talking to me about a recent presidential debate. This is an example of Kairos.
a) True
b) False

The amount of cognitions relative to the amount of consonant cognitions is what?
a) dissonance ratio
b) magnitude of dissonance
c) rationale
d) degree of dissonance

When I am feeling extreme dissonance, I may attempt to reduce it by seeking information that is consonant with my current beliefs. This is an example of what?
a) selective attention
b) selective interpretation
c) selective exposure
d) se;ectove retention

When I go to buy a new car. I don't do research, I just remember the funny commercial and purchase the vehicle. According to ELM, I am using which route of persuasion?
a) peripheral
b) centeral

I am a vegitarian. According to Social Judgment Theory, I would probably be strongly involved in an issue of animal rights because of what?
a) identification
b) ego-involvement
c) latitude of acceptance
d) assimilation

Attitude changes through a cognative route are ofter a _____ change?
a) strong
b) weak
c) effective
d) ineffective

According to Dramatism, guilt is ALL of the following EXCEPT?
a) anxiety
b) tension
c) shame
d) forgiveness

When I create victimage within Dramatism, I am what?
a) Blaming a member of the group
b) Yelling at someone around me
c) Creating an external enemy
d) Blaming at the first person who walks in the door

Becky tells me a story that I KNOW is complete BS. Her story, according to Narrative Theory is missing what?
a) Coherence
b) Fidelity
c) Trustworthiness
d) Affectiveness

Based on Narrative Theory, we evalute a story based on ________ and __________.
a) Rationality, Affectiveness
b) Coherence, rationality
c) Fidelity, rationality
d) Coherence, fidelity

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