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Which does NOT describe the Tier of words designed by Beck, McKeown, and Kucan?
a) Tier One is made up of common words (nouns, verbs, high frequency words, and sight words)
b) Tier Two are commonly found in school text books but aren't used in everyday conversations
c) Tier Three is constructed of uncommon words and shouldn't be given too much attention when teaching
d) Tier Four is list of words only used by those in specific fields of works; like doctors or scientist

Blachowicz and Fisher determined that there are six main principles that guide instruction.
a) ture
b) false, there are 4
c) false, Fisher and Fry determined this

According to Blachowicz and Fisher students should be
a) Immersed in the words by rich language environment
b) Personalize word learning through practice
c) Active in developing their understanding of words and ways to learn them
d) all of the above

Word Sorts
a) are matching games
b) help students learn to spell correctly
c) have students categorize words or phrases previously introduced to them
d) require the students to sing

List- Group- Label
a) is similar to think- pair- share
b) an activity where students brainstorm words related to the topic then assign a group or label
c) students brainstorm, tell their group, and label their words
d) is not part of chapter 3

Having students self select words that are essential to understanding content concepts is called:
a) Concept Definition Map
b) Word Generation
c) Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy
d) Personal Dictionaries

Word Study Books are
a) student made personal notebooks containing frequently used words and concepts
b) teacher made notebooks containing frequently used words and concepts
c) student made personal notebooks containing all new words and concepts
d) teacher made personal notebooks containing all new words and concepts

Reading with students in small groups and helping them determine words they don't understand is an example of:
a) Contextualizing Key Voacabulary
b) Word Sorts
c) List- Group- Label
d) Word Generation

Building background is simply
a) telling the students about your life
b) using new vocabulary words
c) taking the time to turn on the students schemata and past learning
d) establishing a safe classroom

Teaching critical vocabulary helps EL's improve their
a) academic vocabulary
b) speaking skills
c) spelling
d) schemata

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