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The second smallest group into which scientists classify living things is known as a(n)
a) kingdom
b) order
c) genus
d) species

The kingdom whose living things have many cells and absorb food from other living things or dead things such as logs is known as
a) animals
b) monerans
c) fungi
d) protist

The __________ kingdom consists of one-celled living things with no nucleus.
a) animal
b) protist
c) fungi
d) moneran

The three groups of invertebrates are
a) arthropods, reptiles, mammals
b) reptiles, amphibians, worms
c) mollusks, arthropods, worms
d) arachnids, lizards, squid

Mammals, reptiles, _____________, birds, and fish are all groups of vertebrates.
a) amphibians
b) mollusks
c) arthropods
d) worms

Vascular plants have tubes. Where are these tubes located?
a) roots
b) stems
c) leaves
d) roots, stems, and leaves

Which of the following is NOT a vascular plant?
a) fern
b) liverwort
c) oak tree
d) giant sequoia

How does water travel in a nonvascular plant?
a) It travels through tubes in the plant.
b) It travels on the outside of the plant.
c) It does not travel at all.
d) It travels from cell to cell in the plant.

_________, such as a snake, are vertebrates with dry, scaly skin.
a) reptiles
b) amphibians
c) arthropods
d) mammals

All of the following are fungi, EXCEPT
a) mushrooms
b) yeast
c) molds
d) algae

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