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The Northwest Ordinance provided a means for the NW Territories to...
a) divide territory
b) govern themselves
c) attract more settlers
d) eventually gain statehood

__________ did not support the Constitution.
a) Federalists
b) Most colonists
c) France
d) Anti-Federalists

Strong feelings about the role of the national government led to the formation of...
a) the Articles of Confederation
b) the Lewis and Clark expedition
c) the Electoral College
d) political parties

All 13 states ratified the Constitution immediately
a) True
d) False

The system of checks and balances was instituted to
a) prevent one branch of government from gaining too much power.
c) keep an eye on each of the branches
d) divide all of the necessary actions of the government.

What crop revitalised the Southern economy?
a) tobacco
b) rice
c) wheat
d) cotton

With the invention of the steam engine, factories no longer had to be located
a) in cities
b) on rivers
c) by oceans
d) in the country

The invention of the cotton gin shortened the time needed to pick cotton.
a) True
b) False

What percentage of Americans lived in cities after 1830?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 25%
d) 30%

Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana territory to the US?
a) They bribed him.
b) He needed the money for his war against Great Britain.
c) He needed the money for his war against Spain
d) He just felt like getting rid of the land!

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