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The process of changing food into material the body can use
a) intestine
b) Appendix
c) digestion
d) enzymes

A fluid made by the salivary glands
a) saliva
b) appendix
c) digestion
d) enzymes

Proteins that affect the many body processes
a) saliva
b) appendix
c) digestion
d) enzymes

a coiled, tubelike organ that is about 20 feet long
a) small intestine
b) esophagus
c) liver
d) appendix

the large intestine
a) pancreas
b) colon
c) rectum
d) gallbladder

organs that filter water and dissolved wasts from the blood- maintain water and salt in body
a) pancreas
b) gall bladder
c) colon
d) kidneys

painful blockage caused my mineral crystals
a) kidney stones
b) excretory system
c) hemorrhoids
d) appendicitis

this is stomach acids flowing backward into the esophagus
a) hemorrhoids
b) appendicitis
c) gallstones
d) heartburn

series of involuntary waves that carry food particles along
a) peristalsis
b) hemorrhoids
c) heartburn
d) bile

a substance that breaks down fat produced in the liver
a) bile
b) liver
c) enzymes
d) saliva

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