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Which of the following would have the greatest KE? Remember KE=mass x velocity
a) 50 kg pillow travelling @ 2 m/second
b) 30 kg pipe travelling @ 6 m/second
c) 40 kg ball [email protected] 4 m/second
d) 20 kg stone travelling @ 10 m/second

A lump of coal and a can of gasoline are both examples of:
a) gravitational potential energy
b) chemical potential energy
c) gravitational kinetic energy
d) chamical kinetic energy

Which of the following is synonymous with potential energy?
a) stored energy
b) motion energy
c) light energy
d) kinetic energy

A cup of hot tea has a lot of thermal energy, where does it go as the tea cools?
a) it disappears
b) it is turned into matter
c) it is converted into potential energy
d) it is transferred into the air

Kinetic energy is expressed in which unit?
a) joules
b) newtons
c) watts
d) volts

A waterfall is an example of....
a) energy being destroyed
b) energy being created
c) kinetic energy being converted to potential
d) potential energy being converted to kinetic

If you throw a ball in the air, where will it have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) on the way up
b) on the way down
c) at the highest point
d) when you catch it

As a monkey increases its gravitational potential energy by climbing to the top of a tree. What happens to that potential energy if he climbs back down halfway?
a) it would remain the same
b) to would double
c) it would decrease by half
d) it would by three fourths

When you ride a rollercoaster, when do you have the maximum potential energy?
a) as you go down the hill
b) at the top of the hill
c) at the bottom of the hill
d) as you go up each hill

What kind of energy do your legs transfer to the pedals when you ride a bike?
a) potential energy
b) chemical energy
c) electrical energy
d) kinetic energy

Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) a rolling ball
b) a turning windmill
c) a compressed spring
d) a moving train

In every conversion between PE to KE what is produced when FRICTION is present?
a) electrical energy
b) mechanical energy
c) thermal energy
d) kinetic energy

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