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How did people barter to get the things they needed?
a) The used money to buy goods
b) They bought things with gold
c) The developed skills to make things for their own use
d) They traded goods and services they had for those the needed

Why did many settlers move westward during the early 1800\'s?
a) find more land
b) to work on the railroad
c) gather cattle
d) build things

What might have drawn the first Americans to North America?
a) To go near lots and lots of water
b) They just liked it
c) They followed a migrating herds of animals
d) The land was really cheap

What 1848 discovery led many people to move to California?
a) gold
b) oil
c) coal
d) electricity

How does a business make a profit?
a) It buys things at high prices
b) It sets the price for its goods or services high enough to pay for its costs and have $ left over
c) The governement tells it to
d) It doesn\'t pay its workers

What role do producers play in our economy?
a) They buy goods or products
b) They determine what we use as money
c) They ship goods or products from one place to another
d) They make goods or products to sell for a profit

What is NOT a change that happened in the late 1800's?
a) Many people left farming to work in the cities
b) Many people moved from cities to rural area
c) Business grew near the source of raw materials
d) Railroads expanded all over the country

Another name for cities is?
a) urban areas
b) economy
c) industry
d) country

Having a large supply of a product can cause?
a) the price to go higher
b) the price to fall
c) prices to stay the same
d) you to make more of that product

The process in which a business makes something or provides services in different places around the world is called?
a) globalization
b) bartering
c) demad
d) supply

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