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This organic compound is formed when glycerol combines with three fatty acids
a) lipid
b) protein
c) carbohydrate
d) nucleic acid

This forms when two simple sugars combine
a) monosaccharide
b) polysaccharide
c) disaccharide
d) polymer

This substance repels water
a) hydrophillic
b) hydrophobic
c) tertiary
d) quaternary

This a compound formed by many repeating units
a) isomer
b) monomer
c) trimer
d) polymer

This process requires the addition of water to make smaller compounds form larger ones
a) dehydration synthesis
b) hydrogenation
c) hydrolysis
d) hydrofusion

This is formed as a result of the dehydration synthesis of 2 amino acids subunits
a) carbohydrate
b) disaccharide
c) dipeptide
d) organic acid

These serve as structural units in cell mebranes and as hormones
a) sterols
b) peptides
c) phosopholipids
d) fatty acids

This organic copound provides NITROGEN to the body
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) nucleic acid
d) protein

This nucleic acid is double stranded
a) RNA
b) DNA

Three fatty acids combine with this to form triglyceride in animals
a) cellulose
b) glycogen
c) glycerol
d) bile

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