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The importance of the Code of Hammurabbi and the Twelve Tables is that they
a) established legal principles
b) instituted democratic governments
c) provided religious freedom
d) promoted equality for all classes

The ideals developed in Athens of Pericles and in Republican Rome influenced the development of
a) a parliament in Britain
b) military juntas in Latin America
c) a communist government in China
d) a theocracy in Iran

One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both
a) governed large areas around the Mediterranean Sea
b) created democratic societies in which people elected their government officials
c) developed a social system in which great equality existed
d) promoted unity and communication by building a strong system of roads

Judaism and Christianity share a belief in
a) papal supremacy
b) teachings of the Quran
c) reincarnation and the Four Noble Truths
d) an ethical code of conduct and monotheism

Italy, Korea, Spain and India are similar in that each is considered
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) a landlocked nation
d) an island nation

After the western Roman Empire fell to Germanic invaders in the 5th century AD, the eastern part of the empire became known as the
a) Byzantine Empire
b) Carthaginian Empire
c) Islamic Empire
d) Persian Empire

The golden age of the Roman Empire, the Pax Romana, can be attributed in part to
a) cultural isolation
b) stable governments
c) command economies
d) distinct social classes

In western Europe, feudalism developed after the
a) Roman Empire collapsed
b) Renaissance began
c) city of Constantinople fell
d) Mongols invaded

A study of the fall of the Roman Empire would show that powerful empires can
a) lose strength when mercenaries enforce reforms
b) be threatened only when directly attacked by outsiders
c) conquer more than one continent and remain stable
d) be weakened by both internal and external pressures

How did the geography of the Italian peninsula influence the development of the Roman Empire?
a) The unnavigable rivers in the northern part of the peninsula protected the Romans from neighbors
b) The harsh climate prevented agricultural production
c) The lengthy, rugged seacoast encouraged frequent invastions
d) The location of the peninsula contributed to Roman control of the Mediterranean region

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