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Why did the southern part of South Carolina split in 1732?
a) to allow SC to become a royal colony
b) to separate SC from the Native Americans in Florida
c) to separate SC from the Spanish in Florida
d) to prevent the colony from becoming too powerful

Who were the Regulators?
a) settlers who wanted to enforce laws in the Up Country
b) British officials sent to enforce laws in Charles Town
c) British officials sent to enforce laws in the Up Country
d) settlers who wanted to enforce laws in Charles Town

Why did Carolina become two separate colinies in 1729?
a) The King of England thought that the western colony would protect the eastern colony.
b) The settlements were too far apart and separated by natural features.
c) There were conflicts between settlements in the east and settlements in the west.
d) The Lords Proprietors thought that the northern colony would protect the southern colony.

Why did South Carolinians become unhappy with the Lords Proprietors?
a) The proprietors did not want to give settlers voting rights.
b) The proprietors did not want to spend money on building forts.
c) The proprietors did not want to give land to settlers.
d) The proprietors did not want to allow religious freedom.

How did colonists in Charles Town react to the British tax on tea?
a) The yrefused to use British tea.
b) They refused to allow British ships into the harbor.
c) They dumped cargoes of tea in the harbor.
d) They passed a law that banned tea in colonies.

What was the Stamp Act?
a) a tax on all stamps sold in the colony
b) a law that required colonists to buy stamps each year
c) a law that prevented all colonists from voting
d) a tax on all newpapers, books, and documents

Why was South Carolina\'s first constitution meant to be temporary?
a) It was written by the first settlers at Charleston.
b) The colonists planned to rewrite it once statehood was official.
c) The colonists hoped to solve their differences with Great Britain.
d) It needed to be approved by the King of England.

Why was the government in Charles Town unable to enforce laws and protect settlers in the Up Country?
a) The Up Country set up its own circuit court.
b) The Up Country had its own constitution.
c) The Up Country became a separate colony.
d) The Up Country was too far away.

What became an important industry as many immigrants settled the Up Country?
a) trade
b) rice
c) cotton
d) tourism

Of the thirteen orignial colonies started by England, which were the Southern colonies?
a) Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
b) Pennsylvania, New Jersery, Deleware, Maryland, and Virginia
c) New Jersery, Deleware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina
d) Deleware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

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