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All of the following are part of the freshwater aquatic life zones, except
a) river
b) mangroove foret
c) inland wetland
d) lake

If you find a new species of algae floating on the surface of a coastal zone, you would likely consider it a type of
a) phytoplankton
b) ultraplankton
c) nekton
d) zooplankton

Oysters, clams, and lobsters would be part of which of the following?
a) benthos
b) ultraplankton
c) zooplankton
d) nekton

The ocean zone that makes up less than 10 % of the world’s ocean area, yet contains 90 % of all the marine species, is the
a) coastal zone
b) abyssal zone
c) littoral zone
d) bathyal zone

Deep lakes with steep banks that have a small supply of plant nutrients are
a) oligotrophic
b) hypereutrophic
c) culturally eutrophic
d) eutrophic

Which of the following would be characteristic of a eutrophic lake?
a) well-supplied with nutrients for producers
b) nutrient overload from human activities
c) small supply of plant nutrients
d) nutrient levels between too low or too high

Most of the wetlands that are lost are used for
a) agriculture
b) cities
c) mining
d) forests

Some parts of the ocean remain completely untouched by human activity.
a) false
d) true

Even if the levees around New Orleans are increased by twice their current height, a category-five hurricane will eventually overwhelm them.
a) true
d) false

Hawaii has more inland wetlands than the other 49 states put together.
a) false
d) true

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