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Which of the following statements about the earth’s winds is not true?
a) spreads pollution including banned chemicals into other countries
b) circulates plant nutrients
c) increases green house gases
d) circulates moisture

Which of the following is a local area’s short-term temperature, precipitation, and humidity?
a) weather
b) climate
c) biome
d) ecosystem

Scientists expect human-enhanced global warming to do all of the following except
a) shift where animal and plant communities can be found
b) increase sea levels
c) decrease sea levels
d) alter weather patterns

The rain shadow effect refers to
a) a haircut
b) more moisture on one side of a mountain
c) reason that we get rain in the desert
d) similare amount of moister on all sides of the mountain

The two most important factors determining the climate of an area are
a) temperature and precipitation
b) temperature and light
c) precipitation and wind
d) wind and light

Desert soils take hundreds of years to recover from disturbances because of all of the following except
a) high moisture content
b) low moisture content
c) slow plant growth
d) slow nutrient recycling

Most of the nutrients in the tropical rain forests are found in the
a) deep soil
b) living matter
c) thick atmosphere
d) large rivers

Which of the following is not true about mountains?
a) They contain a minority of the world’s forests.
b) They contain habitats for many endemic species.
c) They serve as major storehouses for water.
d) They help regulate the earth’s climate.

Temperate deciduous forests have nutrient rich soils.
a) true
b) false

The trade winds and the ocean current create a positive feedback loop.
a) true
b) false

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