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This type of bond is the sharing of electrons
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) hydrogen
d) compound

This bond involves attractions between opposite electrical charges
a) hydrogen
b) covalent
c) ionic
d) compound

This is the tendency of an atom to attract shared electrons within a chemical bond
a) radioactivity
b) half life
c) synthesis
d) electronegativity

This is the enery needed for a chemical reaction to occur
a) activation energy
b) residual energy
c) potential energy
d) kinetic energy

This reaction involves the release of energy
a) ebdothermic
b) fusion
c) exothermic
d) fluoresence

This reaction involves the addition of energy
a) fluoresence
b) fusion
c) endothermic
d) exothermic

This is an organic compound containing -COOR where R represents stable arrangement of C and H atoms
a) isomer
b) ester
c) polymer
d) isotope

The amount of energy needed to heat up and cool down a substance
a) condensation
b) specific heat
c) vaporization
d) fluoridation

This is a positively charged ion
a) anion
b) cation
c) free radical
d) cofactor

This is a negatively charged ion
a) free radical
b) isomer
c) cation
d) anion

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