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Which of the following is said to occur when an interaction benefits one species but has little, if any, effect on the other?
a) Commensialism
b) Mutualism
c) Predation
d) Parasitism

4. Which of the following is said to occur when one organism feeds on the body of, or the energy used by, another organism?
a) Parasitism
b) Interspecific Competition
c) Mutualism
d) Predation

a) usually larger then their host
b) usually kill their host
c) must be internal
d) rarely kill their host

When populations of two different species interact over long periods of time, changes in the gene pool of one species can lead to changes in the gene pool of the other. This is
a) Coevolution
b) Luck
c) Commensalism
d) Commensialism

All of the following are forms of nondestructive behavior between species except
a) using the energy or body of another organisms as a food source
b) bacteria breaking down food for a host and having a sheltered habitat
c) orchids attached to branches of forest trees
d) reducing competition by foraging at different times

“The maximum population of a given species that a particular habitat can sustain indefinitely without being degraded” is the definition of
a) carrying capacity
b) exponential growth
c) logistic growth
d) lots

When plotting the number of individuals in a population against time the data yield a J-shaped curve, which indicates which of the following?
a) exponential growth
b) carrying capacity
c) logistic growth
d) biotic potential

Which of the following would cause a population to overshoot its carrying capacity?
a) increase preditors
b) increase disease
c) a reproductive time lag between birth and death rates
d) decrease death rate

Which of the following would exhibit primary succession?
a) a clear-cut forest
b) an abandoned farm
c) recently burned forest
d) a rock exposed by a retreating glacier

Late successional plants are largely unaffected by plants at earlier stages of succession, a factor called
a) tolerance
b) intolerance
c) stable
d) declining

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