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Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy?
a) a battery
b) an unlit match
c) throwing a basketball
d) gasoline in a lawnmower

Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) food
b) a fan blowing air on you
c) a speeding car
d) a person running

If a soccer ball is kicked towards the goal and no unbalanced forces act on the ball, what happens to the ball?
a) the ball will speed up
b) the ball will roll backwards
c) the ball will travel in a straight line
d) the ball will slow down

If 4 balls of the same mass are thrown, but ball number 3 goes farther than the other balls, what can you deduct about ball number 3?
a) ball number 3 was lighter than the other balls
b) ball number 3 was a super ball
c) ball number 3 was thrown with more force than the other balls
d) ball number 3 came from Wal-mart

If a person jumps out of a plane with a parachute, what direction is are the forces acting on each other?
a) the gravity pulls down and the parachute pulls down
b) the forces cancel each other out
c) the gravity pulls down and the parachute exerts an upwards force
d) the gravity pulls up and the parachute pulls down

If a car travels 65 miles in 5 minutes, what is the speed of the car?
a) 15 miles/min.
b) .01 miles/min.
c) 0 miles/min.
d) 13 miles/min.

Which of the following forces can cause an object to slow down?
a) friction
b) all of the above
c) inertia
d) air resistance

If a car travels 10 miles in 3 minutes, then travels 30 miles in 20 minute and 5 miles in 1 minute, what is the average speed of the car?
a) 2.0 miles/min.
b) .18 miles/min.
c) 1.8 miles/min.
d) 18.0 miles/min.

At what point on hill would a ball have the most kinetic energy?
a) at the very top of the hill
b) as it is going up the second hill
c) halfway down the hill
d) at the bottom of the hill

A person walks 95 km in 2.2 hours, what is the average speed?
a) 43.2 km/hour
b) 0.23 km/hour
c) .023 km/hour
d) 4.32 km/hour

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