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Which of the following include two different types of energy that comes from the sun?
a) sound and mechanical
b) electrical and light
c) nuclear and mechanical
d) heat and light

An example of potential energy converting to another form would be....
a) a bow being pulled back to shoot, then releasing it
b) a sled sitting at the top of a hill, then going down the hill
c) a rubberband being stretched back, then shot across the room
d) all of the examples above

What types of energy would be produced in a hydroelectric plant in a dam?
a) electrical energy/ thermal energy
b) electrical energy/ mechanical energy
c) sound energy/ light energy
d) thermal energy/ potential energy

As a baseball flies through the air after being hit, which type of energy does it have?
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) mechanical energy
d) chemical energy

Which of the following is a conversion from potential to kinetic energy?
a) turning on a stove to heat dinner
b) turning on a lamp
c) growing an apple tree
d) a sled at the top of a hill that slides down

Energy can be manifested as which of the following?
a) light energy
b) sound energy
c) electrical energy
d) all of the above

When you eat fruits and vegetables, what type of energy are you taking in?
a) thermal energy
b) sound energy
c) electrical energy
d) chemical energy

What do you call change from one form of energy to another?
a) energy change
b) conversion of power
c) energy conversion
d) energy transfer

Which statementabout both potential and kinetic energy is correct?
a) potential energy can be transformed to kinetic energy
b) potential energy cannot be transformed to kinetic energy
c) there is only one example where potential energy can transform to kinetic energy
d) we cannot compare potential energy to kinetic energy

The law of conservation of energy states...
a) energy can never be created or destroyed
b) energy can never be created or destroyed unless something dies
c) energy is only found in living things
d) energy is required for all living things to survive

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