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a) without errors
b) happening over and over
c) able to bend
d) large in size

a) find an answer mathematically
b) bring to an end
c) trouble or worry
d) focus attention

a) focus attention
b) without error
c) to ask for
d) standing apart

a) to trouble or worry
b) come to an end
c) large in size or amount
d) without errors

a) bring to an end
b) find an answer mathematically
c) focus all of one's thoughts
d) trouble or worry

a) large in size or amount
b) happening often
c) standing apart from others
d) to ask for

a) able to bend easily
b) large in size or amount
c) bring to an end
d) without errors

a) happening often
b) excellent
c) act of asking
d) bring to an end

a) standing apart from others
b) to ask for
c) to solve mathematically
d) without error

a) to ask for
b) pay attention
c) bring to an nd
d) able to bend easily

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