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_____ are the simplest organisms.
a) fungi
b) protists
c) bacteria
d) toxins

_____ are tubelike threads produced by a fungus.
a) diatoms
b) lichen
c) hypha
d) aflatoxin

_____ is the movement of water through a cell membrane.
a) trypanosomes
b) diatom
c) budding
d) osmosis

_____ is a method of reproduction.
a) budding
b) lichen
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

_____ are microscopic alga with a hard shell.
a) diatoms
b) hypha
c) lichen
d) algae

_____ are parasitic protozoans.
a) algae
b) diatoms
c) lichen
d) trypanosomes

____ is a cancer-causing chemical produced by some molds.
a) trypanosome
b) aflatoxin
c) lichen
d) diatom

_____ is a relationship in which one organism benefits and another is unaffected.
a) commensalism
b) mutualism
c) lichen
d) budding

How do fungi get food?
a) They hunt other organisms.
b) They make their food.
c) By extending their hypha to a food source.
d) They don't eat.

What are 2 ways in which bacteria are useful?
a) They make you sick and help digest food.
b) They produce antibiotics and help make some foods.
c) They produce hypha and toxins.
d) They break down dead plants or animals and cause staph infections.

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