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_____ are plantlike protists.
a) diatoms
b) molds
c) lichen
d) algae

_____ is a poison.
a) hypha
b) toxin
c) lichen
d) commensalism

Two organisms that live together and help each other is an example of _____.
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) budding
d) osmosis

_____ grow in moist, dark, warm places.
a) toxins
b) bacteria
c) fungi
d) algae

Organisms made up of a fungus and an alga or bacterium are _____.
a) diatoms
b) lichen
c) trypanosomes
d) aflatoxin

A mycelium is made up of many _____.
a) fungi
b) hyphae
c) roots
d) lichens

Unlike animals, _____ digest food outside of their bodies.
a) protists
b) fungi
c) bacteria
d) algae

Some _____ are many-celled, even though they are protists.
a) algae
b) paramecia
c) diatoms
d) sporozoans

Bacteria cells do not have _____.
a) rod shapes
b) the ability to reproduce
c) spiral shapes
d) organelles

One protist that possesses chloroplasts is _____.
a) amoeba
b) euglena
c) paramecium
d) bread mold

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