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What is communication?
a) Talking.
b) Going to school.
c) Looking at friends.
d) Sending any type of message from one place to another.

What mode of communication describes a movie poster?
a) Graphic
b) Electronic
c) Biological
d) Art

What mode of communication describes a a television?
a) Biological
b) Graphic
c) Technology
d) Electronic

What mode of communication describes a a telephone?
a) Graphic
b) Electronic
c) Talking
d) Biological

What mode of communication describes a billboard?
a) Temporary advertising
b) Electronic
c) Graphic
d) Advertising for a permanment time frame

What mode of communication describes smiling when you are happy?
a) Biological
b) Electronic
c) Communcation
d) Technology Communication

What is communication technology?
a) Talking to your mom.
b) Talking to Ms. Brown
c) Writing a paper
d) The use of technological systems or machines to make communication easier.

What is biological communication?
a) The reason we come to school.
b) Communicating without the use of technology.
c) Communicating.
d) What we do everyday.

What is electronic communication?
a) Everything with wires and cables.
b) Sending and receiving messages with the use of electronic light and sound signals.
c) Talking to mom and dad every morning.
d) Using the keyboard to chat online.

What is graphic communication?
a) Art
b) The use of stationary images, printed words and symbols to send and receive messages.
c) Everything in school.
d) This game.

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