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Which of the great apes are the most like humans
a) bonobos
b) chimpanzees
c) gorillas
d) orangutans

Which detail best supports the main idea of the article
a) Bonobos sometimes live in language labs.
b) Bonobos can take hikes through the forest.
c) Bonobos can learn language.
d) Bonobos sometimes take objects from humans.

What will most likely happen to Panbanisha and Kanzi next
a) They will speak just like humans.
b) They will teach each other to drive.
c) They will begin to live by themselves.
d) They will learn more human behaviors.

What does the underlined word douses mean
a) contains
b) influences
c) seizes
d) soaks

What kind of vehicle did Panbanisha drive
a) moped
b) go-cart
c) golf cart
d) car

Who is the author of the article
a) Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
b) Aline Alexander Newman
c) Panbanisha
d) Tamuli

What does an upside-down v stand for
a) a fire in the forest
b) a hill in the forest
c) a hut in the forest
d) a school in the forest

What do the apes roast on the fire
a) marshmallows
b) hot dogs
c) chestnuts
d) hamburgers

What can the Bonobos do at the language lab
a) make pizza
b) play kickball
c) drive cars
d) watch TV

What do you think a primatologist studies
a) dogs
b) cats
c) great apes
d) fish

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