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What is the energy transformation of photosyntheis?
a) Chemical to Light
b) Light to chemical
c) Nuclear to light
d) Nuclear to chemical

Which of the following is an exothermic reaction?
a) Thermite being burned
b) Baking soda & vinegar bubbling
c) A chemical reaction that feels cold
d) A chemical reaction that absorbs energy

Which of the following correctly describes energy?
a) Can change forms
b) Can be destroyed
c) Can be created
d) Cannot change forms

The kinetic energy of an object depends on which of the following?
a) Its temperature
b) Its speed only
c) Its mass and its speed
d) How high it is above the ground

Heat flows from:
a) Hot to cold
b) Cold to hot
c) Both from hot to cold & cold to hot
d) Ice

What is the best energy transformation of a microwave?
a) Electrical to heat
b) Electrical to light
c) Electrical to motion
d) Heat to electrical

In chemical reactions, what does it take to break bonds?
a) Energy
b) Light
c) Chemicals
d) Conduction

Materials that trap heat are:
a) Insulators
b) Consulators
c) Conduction
d) Metals

At 32 degrees fahrenheit water:
a) Boils
b) Freezes
c) Is a liquid
d) Is a gas

Heat is:
a) The transfer of kinetic energy
b) The average kinetic energy of an object
c) Not a scientific term
d) The average potential energy of an object

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