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An information report is a ________________________________.
a) text that talks about interesting legends and myths
b) text that gives instructions on how to fix machines
c) text that presents facts and descriptions about a topic
d) text that gives directions on how to get to new places

What is an information report made up of?
a) Masthead, title, fact box and diagram
b) Introduction, body, fact box and references
c) Title, introduction, body and concluding paragraph
d) Introduction, diagram, concluding paragraph and references

What are generalized terms?
a) Common words which are used in everyday life.
b) New vocabulary which are very specific to the topic.
c) Words which generally describe feelings and emotions.
d) A whole class or category of people or things in general.

In the introduction, there is a statement called the ______________________________.
a) Footer.
b) Masthead.
c) Introductory statement.
d) General opening statement.

The content is organised under ___________________________.
a) different titles
b) different subheadings
c) various titles
d) various paragraphs

What is the type of pronouns used in an information report?
a) Personal pronouns.
b) First person pronouns.
c) Third person pronouns.
d) Second person pronouns.

What is the purpose of a topic sentence in each paragraph?
a) To present the main idea of the paragraph.
b) To tell us the topic of the information report.
c) To convey special or interesting information.
d) To explain the paragraph and make it interesting.

What are the types of tenses used in an information report?
a) Only future tense for possible events.
b) Past perfect tense for past occurrences that have no fixed time.
c) Simple present tense for present occurrences and future tense for possible events.
d) Simple past tense for past occurrences and simple present tense for present occurrences.

What is the type of language used?
a) Common language is used to make it easy for readers to understand.
b) Literary language is used to make the report interesting.
c) Scientific language is used to explain scientific terms.
d) Technical language is used to refer to things specific to the topic.

What is the purpose of a concluding paragraph?
a) To make references for the information in the report.
b) To give examples that help to further explain the topic.
c) To provide suggestions for further research related to topic.
d) To signal the end of the report and sum up what it is about.

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