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The nearest star to Earth is
a) Proxima Centauri
b) Alpha Centauri
c) Andromeda
d) The sun

Which of the following is a true statement about stars?
a) hot stars are red and cold stars are blue
b) hotter stars are usually bigger than colder stars
c) medium size stars are usually blue
d) the temperature of a star has nothing to do with its size

Magnitude is
a) the measure of the distance of a star
b) the measure of a star's brightness
c) the measure of the color of a star
d) the measure of the size of the star

The brightness of a star depends on
a) size, distance, temperature
b) magnitude, altitude, azimuth
c) color, temperature, size
d) altitude, temperature, distance

A light year is
a) the distance that light travels in a day
b) the distance from the earth to the sun
c) the time is takes light to travel in a year
d) the distance that light travels in a year

The sun and stars appear to travel across the sky from east to west because
a) of the sun's revolution
b) the Earth's revolution
c) the earth's rotation
d) the plane of the ecliptic

An asterism is
a) a group of stars within a constellation
b) an ancient picture
c) the astrology of a constellation
d) a constellation within a group of stars

The astronomer who grouped stars by brightness was
a) John Bayer
b) Charles Messier
c) Galileo
d) Einstein

Which of the following is not a type of galaxy?
a) spiral
b) quasar
c) elliptical
d) irregular

Zodiac constellations are located
a) on the celestial equator
b) on the plane of the ecliptic
c) on the tropic of capricorn
d) the circumpolar point

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