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Speed, Velocity, Accleration, Graphing, Scientific Method. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

125 millimeters is equal to how many decimeters?
a) 12500 dm
b) 1.25 dm
c) 12.5 dm
d) .125 dm

Which of the following is an inference?
a) The sun is out today.
b) The dog is brown.
c) My house is in Naperville.
d) It looks cold outside.

What is the difference between velocity and speed?
a) Speed includes direction.
b) Velocity describes how fast something is going.
c) Velocity includes direction.
d) There is nothing different.

2.35 kg is equal to how many cg?
a) 0.0000235 cg
b) 235000 cg
c) 23500 cg
d) 0.000235 cg

The speed of an object at a specific point in its journey is called
a) instantaneous speed
b) acceleration
c) average speed
d) diplacement

A rocket sled accelerates from 10 m/sec to 50 m/sec in 2 seconds. What is the acceleration of the sled?
a) 20 m/s
b) -20m/s2
c) 20 m/s2
d) None of the above

In 0.5 hours, a bicyclist traveled 20 kilometers. What was the bicyclist’s average speed?
a) 10 km/h
b) 40 km/h
c) 0.025 km/h
d) 10 km/h2

What does the slope on a position vs time graph represent?
a) Acceleration
b) Displacement
c) Speed
d) Force

What does a horizantal line on a velocity vs time graph mean?
a) The car is accelerating in a positive direction
b) The car is traveling at a constant speed
c) The car is not moving
d) The car is accelerating in a negative direction

A plane is traveling at a speed of 200 m/s for 10 hours, how far did it travel?
a) 2000000 meters
b) 20 meters
c) 7200000 meters
d) 2000 meters

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