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Foliated rocks are distinguished by
a) banding
b) flaking
c) weathering
d) compaction

Quartz is a mineral; granite is
a) an ore
b) a gem
c) also a mineral
d) a rock

The processes involved in the rock cycle include all of the following except
a) identification
b) compaction
c) erosion
d) weathering

__________________is molten material that is formed beneath the Earth's surface.
a) Vesicular
b) Magma
c) Lava
d) Igneous

Sedimentary rocks are formed by a process called____________________.
a) weathering
b) sediment
c) lithification
d) heat

All rocks are recycled through a system called the ______________.
a) Metamorphsis Cycle
b) Mineral Cycle
c) Igneous Cycle
d) Rock Cycle

Sedimentary rocks are ______________________.
a) often found at the Earth's surface
b) a type of foliated igneous rock
c) formed below the Earth's surface as magma
d) formed by great heat

A rock is
a) made of molten material
b) either igneous or sedimentary
c) a mixture of minerals, meneraloids, glass, or organic material
d) never affected by heat and pressure

Lava that cools quickly forms _____________________ rocks.
a) intrusive metamorphic
b) extrusive metamorphic
c) intrusive igneous
d) extrusive igneous

Minerals are composed of one or more _________________________.
a) colors
b) elements
c) rock
d) structures

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