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Employment growth is expected to be slowest over the next ten years in which category?
a) professional
b) management
c) sales and marketing
d) production

If your job involves a great deal of manual labor it is considered?
a) pink collar
b) white collar
c) blue collar
d) blue collar

Which of the following is not a major goal of the human resources department
a) none of the choices
b) set prices on products and services
c) interview candidates for open positions
d) protect employees' safety

A specific study of a job to identify in detail the job duties and skills is called a?
a) job review
b) job classification
c) job analysis
d) job description

The final step in the hiring process is?
a) all of the choices
b) interview
c) determining duties of a job
d) employee orientation

A compensation plan that combines salary with an additional amout is called?
a) commission
b) base plus commission
c) piece rate
d) time wages

The advancement of an employee to a position with greater responsibility is called?
a) transfer
b) promotion
c) discharge
d) termination

The physical conditions and psychological atmosphere in which employees work is?
a) inside conditions
b) work environment
c) corporate climate
d) none of the choices

This allows employees some choice in how ther work hours are arranged.
a) personal time
b) family leave
c) flextime
d) flexspace

An organized group of employees who negotiate with employers is a?
a) cooperative
b) credit union
c) joint venture
d) labor union

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