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This type of graft is often taken from the upper thigh area.
a) tissue
b) fascia lata
c) bone
d) paratenon

There is no tissue remaining for pathological examination after this method has been used.
a) destruction
b) Mohs
c) ablation
d) excision

OCR works best with original copies using
a) 14-point fonts
b) monospaced fonts
c) universal 100 fonts
d) pen and ink

A healthcare delivery system that controls utilization and cost of services while providing enrollees
a) systemized
b) managed
c) commercial
d) preventive

An advantage of managed care organizations (MCOs) is that their aim is to keep their enrollees
a) all-inclusive care
b) defensive treatment
c) health options
d) preventive care

A group of healthcare providers working under one umbrella to provide medical services at a
a) AMA
b) FFS
c) PPO
d) HMO

A system designed to determine the medical necessity and appropriateness of a requested medical
a) appeal
b) needs evaluation
c) petition
d) utilization review

A multispeciality practice in which healthcare services are provided within the building complex
a) IPA
b) staff model
c) network model
d) diect contact model

The nine-digit federal tax identification number is commonly referred to as the
a) EIN
b) SSN
c) NIP
d) UCR

Individuals who are members of a managed care plan are commonly referred to as
a) patients
b) enrollees
c) emplovers
d) subscribers

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