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If the area of a rectangle is 360 square inches and the length is 24 inches what is the width?
a) 336 inches
b) 7.5 inches
c) 15 inches
d) 385 inches

If a Ferris Wheel has a diameter of 125 feet, and you ride around the Ferris Wheel 3 times, how many feet did you travel?
a) 1177.5 feet
b) 125 feet
c) 375 feet
d) 392.5 feet

If a isosceles triangle has a base of 4 cm and leg length of 12 cm, what is the perimeter.
a) 16 cm
b) 28 cm
c) 48 cm
d) 24 cm

How much sand can a sandbox in the shape of a rectangular prism hold, if the dimensions are 4 ft x 6 ft x 6in
a) 16 cubic feet
b) 28 cubic feet
c) 12 cubic feet
d) 144 cubic feet

What is the perimeter of a square that has an area of 25 sq. meters?
a) 20 meters
b) 25 meters
c) 12.5 meters
d) 50 meters

How much lace would you need to put around a circular table with a diameter of 3 feet?
a) 28.26 feet
b) 30 feet
c) 9 feet
d) 9.42 feet

If a cylinder is 10 feet tall and has a diameter of 1 foot, what is the volume?
a) 31.4 cubic feet
b) 10 cubic feet
c) 3.14 cubic feet
d) 13.14 cubic feet

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 5 meters and a height of 4 meters?
a) 10 square meters
b) 20 square meters
c) 4.5 square meters
d) 9 square meters

If Sue walks around a rectangular block twice, that is 1.5 kilometers long and .6 kilometers wide, how far did she walk?
a) 6.7 kilometers
b) 4.2 kilometers
c) 8.4 kilometers
d) 2.1 kilometers

What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 10 cm?
a) 78.5 square cm
b) 31.4 square cm
c) 314 square cm
d) 28.5 square cm

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