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What was and is the name of Georgia's Legislative Branch?
a) Georgia General Assembly
b) Georgia House of Commons
c) Georgia Governor's Council
d) Georgia General Legislature

Why did the Georgia legislative branch get in trouble during the Yazoo Land Fraud?
a) They were bribed to sell land that wasn't theirs to sell.
b) They did not communicate well with the executive branch.
c) They were told to choose a new governor and failed to do so.
d) They were asked to pardon criminals by the governor.

Where was Georgia's boundary moved to after the Yazoo Land Fraud?
a) The Mississippi River
b) The Altamaha River
c) The Chattahoochee River
d) The Savannah River

What happened to the land that people won from the land lotteries after the Yazoo Land Fraud?
a) People had to give the land back to the government.
b) Railroads were built on the land so they no longer had access to it.
c) They were told to put slaves on the land.
d) They had to turn over the land to the General Assembly.

Where was Georgia's boundary BEFORE the Yazoo Land Fraud?
a) The Chattahoochee River
b) The Altamaha River
c) The Mississippi River
d) The Yazoo River

What happened to the legislators who were bribed to sell the Yazoo lands?
a) They were voted out of office.
b) They were killed by Native Americans.
c) The governor of Georgia gave them each 100 dollars to celebrate their achievement.
d) They were re-elected.

What year was the Yazoo Act passed?
a) 1777
b) 1780
c) 1775
d) 1795

What happened to the people who believed they had a right to the Yazoo land?
a) They sued and took their claims to court.
b) The settlers were given land in California to make up for the land they lost.
c) Many were killed by Native Americans.
d) They gave up and settled elsewhere.

What did Georgia lose in the Yazoo Land Fraud?
a) The right to keep Native Americans off of Georgia's land.
b) Access to the Tenessee River.
c) A war with the Creek Indians over the Yazoo Land.
d) The right to claim the Yazoo Land within Georgia's boundaries.

What did the Georgia legislators do with the Yazoo documents after they were declared invalid (or wrong)?
a) They sued and took the case to the Supreme Court.
b) They asked the land companies for more money to pay off their debt from the American Revolution.
c) They burned the Yazoo Act in public.
d) The governor of Georgia made them issue a public apology to the Native Americans.

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